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Noon - Hobbs Plaza

ATTENDING: Daniel P, AIS Chair and Hobbs; Chris C, District Rep and Hobbs; Carol A, Secretary and Top; Ann R, Top, Maureen H, Hobbs.

Chairman Daniel called the meeting to order at 12:00 noon with the Serenity Prayer and Concepts of Service.


Treasurer – Maureen reported the balance on hand is $3,314.53 plus an outstanding deposit of $25. The report was approved as presented.

She then presented a preliminary budget based on current expenses. The group decided to increase the line items on Assembly Liaison and the Alateen Coordinator registration and hotel reimbursement from $300 to $600 (maximum) per person, split between two events. In Section B, the group agreed to reduce incidentals and literature expenses from $300 per category to $150. Also, the donation to assembly per year was set at $100.00. This budget would be negative at $3,104.

Minutes – Carol asked for any changes to the circulated minutes. There were none. Minutes were approved.

Answering Service – Carol stated there were 30 calls to the answering service in December.

Website – Susan presented charts showing the usage. Google My Business for December had 233 new users generating three phone calls, 45 asking directions and 25 opening the website. For the period Nov 1-Jan 21, there were 245 users with 239 (81%) being new users.

Alateen – Maureen reported five teens as in and out, all of them new. There are two sponsors at each meeting and the format has changed to some homework and activities.


Top – Carol and Ann reported Monday evening meeting is still suspended and Friday evening usually has two people. The Wednesday morning meeting is 6-8 including three newcomers who are attending regularly.

Hobbs – Chris said the Wednesday evening meeting has an average of 8 present; Friday evening has 6-8 with more from AA attending. The Tuesday and Thursday Zoom meetings have 3-5 attending.

Clean Air – Saturday morning meeting is still good and the noon and 5:30 meetings average 10-12 and 6-8.


General Assembly – no receipts have been turned in for reimbursement.

Food Festival – those present decided on another big raffle with limited tickets for sale as the fundraiser rather than an in-person event for 2022. All groups are asked to discuss this as our fundraiser for the budget deficit. Advertising and payment methods were tentatively discussed.

Cenikor – Top is attending the family meetings the first Saturday of the month and will reconsider after the March meeting whether to continue or not. Other groups are or will commit to taking other Saturdays.




Christ reported that he plans to attend various meetings in an effort to engage the groups with District and AIS.

Ann reported a balance on hand of $358 and an outstanding deposit of $50.


April 23, 2022 at Hobbs unless another group wants to host the meeting.

Meeting adjourned at 1:10 PM

Respectfully submitted,

Carol A, Secretary


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