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October 20, 2018 Noon Hobbs Plaza

Present: Lori W, Maurine H, Susan P, Suzanne T, Laurie S, Susan B, Kyll H, Ann R and Marilyn L.

Kyll read the minutes from the fall meeting. The minutes were approved as read.

Ann gave the Treasurer’s Report stating there was no activity in the past quarter. The ending balance is $566.11. Members approved the report as presented.

Kyll read the Assembly Report. He requested that district reimburse him for registration, gas, room or a combination. He intends to ask the same from Courage to Change.

He asked for volunteers to contact District 1 groups by phone and encourage possible attendance at meetings. The goal is to generate more interest among various Al-Anon groups. Lori, Laurie and Susan volunteered.

All groups should contact Kyll as our District Representative to report meeting changes. He will notify WSO and Susan, our website manager.

The next meeting is January 19 at Clean Air at noon.


Ann R, Acting Secretary


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