AIS Minutes from October 20, 2018

12:00 PM


Lori W. opened the meeting with a moment of silence followed by the Serenity Prayer. She thanked everyone for being there.

AIS Meeting

  • Maureen H. presented the Treasure’s Report.

  • Marilyn made a motion that the financial report be accepted as presented.

  • Susan seconded the motion. (Motion Passed)

  • Suzanne T. read the July 2018 meeting minutes.

  • Laurie made a motion to approve minutes.

  • Kyll seconded the motion. (Motion Passed)

Point of Discussion: Literature

  • Maureen H. made a motion that AIS will accept responsibility for literature, then will distribute and sell to different groups.

  • Kyll H. made a motion to accept Maureen’s motion.

  • Lori W. seconded the motion. (Motion Passed)

  • ARAD has been sold. Lori will get our literature from them.

Point of Discussion: AIS Fundraiser

  • Keep “Food Festival”

  • Hobbs will host

  • Event Date & Time: March 23, 2019 2:00pm to 5:00pm

  • Laurie will finalize date and time with church.

  • Ann made a motion that Lori W.’s donated items from Akron, Ohio (t-shirt, coffee cup, hat, and book) be raffled off during the Food Festival.

  • Suzanne made a motion to accept Ann’s motion.

  • Kyll H. seconded the motion. (Motion Passed)

  • Kyll H. made a motion that the District 1 booth be permitted to keep their funds.

  • Lori W. made a motion to accept Kyll’s motion.

  • Laurie seconded the motion. (Motion Passed)

Point of Discussion: Yellow Pages Ad

  • Considered “old school”

  • Ann made a motion to discontinue the Yellow Page ad.

  • Lori W. made a motion to Ann’s motion.

  • Suzanne T. seconded the motion. (Motion Passed)

Point of Discussion: Answering Service

  • 18 to 20 calls per month

  • Inform Answering Service of Ala-Teen meeting time change.

Point of Discussion: Donation to November 3, 2018 Assembly

  • Representatives: Laurie – Hobbs Group Susan – Alternate

  • AIS will cover Susan’s expenses ($26.00 for registration and lunch)

  • Assembly Treasurer will cover half of the hotel room expense.

Website report

Susan P. gave the “Website” report for “Alanon/Alateen of the Texas Panhandle”

  • 88 new users

  • 230 page views

  • 27.3% re-visits

  • 72% new visits

Group Reports

  • Top of Texas

  • Clean Air

  • Hobbs (Wednesday 7:00pm)

  • Attendance is good ~10 people per meeting

  • Have some newcomers

  • Moss Lane (Monday 8:00pm)

  • Hanging in there.

  • Had a newcomer

  • Touch

  • 6 people

  • Courage

  • 5 to 6 people (steady)

  • Newcomer couple

  • Ala-Teen

  • 1 to 8 kids

  • Meeting time changed to 7:00pm

Point of Discussion: Historian Vacancy

  • Ann suggested Jean for the job.

Adjourned with Lord’s Prayer.


Suzanne T.

AIS Secretary


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