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AIS Meeting Minutes - April 20, 2019


April 20, 2019 - Saturday

12:00 PM


Present: Lori W., DeDe R., Carol A., Susan P., Maureen H., & Suzanne T.

Lori W. opened the meeting with a moment of silence followed by the Serenity Prayer.

AIS Meeting

  • Maureen H. presented the Treasurer’s Report

  • Opening Balance: $2,305.19

  • Food Festival Proceeds: $1,830.00

  • Closing Balance: $4,164.11

  • Point of Discussion:

  • Treasurer’s Report

Motion: Carol made a motion to accept the Treasurer’s Report.

First: Lori W.

Second: Suzanne T.

Motion Passed

  • Point of Discussion:

  • Clean Air quarterly donation has changed from $120/qtr to $40/qtr

  • Key to the Filing Cabinet

  • Lori W. met with a locksmith. Cabinet is now open. Cost: $120

  • Maureen will pay locksmith.

  • Point of Discussion:

  • The Food the Festival can for church donation only collected $53.

Motion: Lori made a motion to pay the church $150 for providing Food Festival venue.

First: Carol A.

Second: DeDe R.

Motion Passed

Suzanne T. distributed the January 2019 meeting minutes.

  • Motion: Maureen made a motion to accept the minutes with correction.

  • First: Lori W.

  • Second: Susan P.

  • Motion Passed

  • Point of Discussion:

  • Filing Cabinet

  • New keys are in the 2-Drawer lateral filing cabinet at Clean Air in front room

  • Contents: Old Photo Albums and old AIS minutes

  • Carol presented the Answering Service Report

  • December 2018/January 2019 had ~9 calls (excluding “business” type calls)

  • February 2019/March 2019 had ~12 calls (excluding “business” type calls)

  • Currently not in need of any additional volunteers

  • Susan P. presented Website Reports

  • People are definitely finding us via the website

  • “Google My Business” reported the following:

  • 751 People found us on Google

  • 50 visited our site

  • 1 asked for directions

  • 2 called us

  • “All Web Site Data” reported the following:

  • 296 unique page views

  • 117 new users

  • 72.9% re-visits

  • 27.8% new visits

  • Maureen H. presented Alateen Report

  • ~12 kids – includes 4 newcomers

  • Unusual Situation: Alateen sponsor became concerned that an Alateen member was suicidal. Concern was expressed to parent, who became angry. School counselor was contacted. Alateen member was eventually admitted to Pavillion. Parent later expressed gratitude to Alateen sponsor.

  • Kyll’s apartment burned down. He lost everything. He will more than likely not be able to attend Assembly in May 2019.

  • Lori W. cannot attend Assembly.

  • No one has presently committed to attending Assembly.

  • Need to find to someone to travel to Assembly.

  • Susan B. cannot attend Assembly.

  • Assembly is being held 3rd weekend of May 2019.

Group Reports

  • Top of Texas

  • Good attendance

  • Clean Air

  • 5:30pm Meetings are growing again

  • Saturday 10:30am & Noon Meetings – strong

  • Hobbs (Wednesday 7:00pm)

  • Attendance is good

  • Group Representative is moving

  • Moss Lane

  • Lori W. and Henry W. collected all literature and other documents.

  • Large number of documents needed to be shredded

  • Literature was made available to the Groups at the Food Festival.

  • Various Groups did pickup literature

  • Jude, from Top of Texas, picked up older books for historical display

  • Distribution of money in bank account will have to be investigated

  • Touch of Soul

  • Meeting delisted from website

  • Courage

  • ???

  • Point of Discussion:

  • Lori W. will notify District that Moss Lane and Touch of Soul meetings have been delisted.

  • Point of Discussion:

  • Food Festival 2020

  • New Ideas presented:

  • Change time to 11:30am (right after 10:30am Clean Air meeting ends)

  • Structure event to include speakers and skits.

  • Connie G. may have a skit

  • Point of Discussion:

  • Still need to find someone to fill the fill “Historian” vacancy

  • Point of Discussion:

  • Borger Meeting

  • Carol A. reported the Borger meeting is active, but small.

  • No one has visited the group yet.

  • Contact information was sent to Kyll and Susan P.

Adjourned with Lord’s Prayer.


Suzanne T.

AIS Secretary


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