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AIS Meeting Minutes - January 19, 2019


January 19, 2019 – Saturday (Corrected)

12:00 PM


Kyll opened the meeting with a moment of silence followed by the Serenity Prayer.

Maureen H. presented the Treasurer’s Report & Projected 2019 Budget

Yellow Pages ad was cancelled (Voted on during October 2018 meeting)

  • “Faces of Alcoholism” has been ordered

  • Monthly answering service payment has been changed to a quarterly basis.

  • Point of Discussion:

  • Treasurer’s Report

Motion: Carol made to accept the Treasurer’s Report.

Motion Seconded: Marilyn

Motion Passed

  • Point of Discussion:

  • Website Expenses: Domain Name = $38.85 (for 3-years)

Website = $306.00 (for 3-years)

Motion: Lori made a motion to pay the website expenses and approve the proposed 2019 budget.

Motion Seconded: Kyll

Motion Passed

Suzanne T. presented the October 2018 meeting minutes.

Motion: Maureen made a motion to accept the minutes.

Motion Seconded: Lori

Motion Passed

  • Point of Discussion:

  • ARAD

  • As discussed at October 2018 meeting, Lori collected all literature from ARAD

  • ARAD Alanon Meeting Update: Wednesday 2:00pm meeting is active

Saturday meeting has been cancelled.

  • Point of Discussion:

  • Filing Cabinet Key

Motion: Maureen made a motion to have Lori contact a locksmith to open the filing cabinet and make us a key. (Expense approved up to $100, plus Maureen will need a receipt)

Motion Seconded: Suzanne

Motion Passed

  • Point of Discussion: AIS “Food Festival” Fundraiser

  • Raffle Items (Lori W.’s Donated Items – approved at October 2018 meeting)

  • Raffle Tickets: $1.00 per ticket or 6 for $5.00

  • Lori will make flyers advertising the raffle items

Carol presented the Answering Service Report

We had 49 calls.

Susan P. presented Website Reports

“Google My Business” reported the following:

  • 346 People found us on Google

  • 27 visited our site

  • 2 asked for directions

  • 3 called us

  • “All Web Site Data” reported the following:

  • 103 new users

  • 278 page views

  • 25.4% re-visits

  • 74.6% new visits

Alateen Report

New business cards need to be added to newcomer packets

  • ~10 kids – good group

  • Had a Christmas

  • Can Alateen be added to the website, possibly on a newcomer page.

Group Reports

  • Top of Texas

  • Monday Meeting – weakly attended, not sure what will happen with it

  • Wednesday Meeting - strong

  • Clean Air

  • 5:30pm Meetings are growing again

  • Saturday 10:30am & Noon Meetings - strong

  • Hobbs (Wednesday 7:00pm)

  • Attendance is good 12+ people per meeting

  • Continuing to have newcomers

  • Moss Lane (Monday 8:00pm)

  • Will delist

  • Touch of Soul

  • Cancelled Monday Meeting

  • Courage

  • Going well, steady

  • Point of Discussion: Historian Vacancy

  • Will be discussed at April 20, 2019 meeting

  • New Business

  • Carol and Ann will check the status of the Borger meeting

  • My Next Steps – requesting Alanon speakers

  • Anyone interested should contact Lori W.

  • This request can be shared with the groups

Adjourned with Lord’s Prayer.


Suzanne T.

AIS Secretary


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