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Noon Hobbs Plaza

ATTENDING: Daniel P, AIS Chair and Hobbs; Chris C, District Rep and Hobbs; Susan P, Hobbs; Maureen H, Hobbs, Mary, Clean Air.


Treasurer – Maureen reported balance of $3,314.53 with no activity since January.

Minutes – Jan. 22, 2022 minutes were approved as circulated.

Answering Service – Carol A submitted a report showing the following calls: Jan – 18, Feb – 19, March – 23.

Website – Susan P- Google My Business for March: 5 calls, 17 asking for directions, 39 website visits. April: 6 calls, 67 for directions and 38 website visits. The Website activity includes March 24-April 23 – 124 site sessions and 93 unique visitors.

Alateen – Maureen reported the group has 6-7 members with an average of 3 attending a meeting. They use the GroupMe app to stay connected. Pamphlets have been sent to the school counselors and business cards with email and phone contact have been distributed to the groups and treatment facilities. Amarillo is blessed with 6 certified Alateen sponsors who work on a rotating schedule. Regular sponsor meetings are held.


Raffle – the group discussed what to raffle but did not reach a decision.


Daniel is putting together another appeals letter to all the groups.


Chris reported there are 14 total meetings listed in our area, 8 of which are holding face to face meetings. There is one meeting that is Zoom only and one that is Zoom and face to face. Two groups are not meeting and three did not respond.

The action plan is to continue to contact all the groups, relay pertinent information and offer support for public outreach.

Next meeting is July 16, 2022 at Hobbs at noon.

Submitted from compiled reports,

Carol A, Secretary


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Noon - Hobbs Plaza ATTENDING: Daniel P, AIS Chair and Hobbs; Chris C, District Rep and Hobbs; Carol A, Secretary and Top; Ann R, Top, Maureen H, Hobbs. Chairman Daniel called the meeting to order at

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