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AIS/District Meeting Minutes NOVEMBER, 2021

Hobbs Plaza, Noon

ATTENDING: Daniel P, AIS Chair and Hobbs, Carol A, AIS Secretary and Top of Texas, Jessica D, Courage to Change, Maureen H, Hobbs, Susan P, Hobbs, Wynona H, Just for Today, Chris C, Hobbs, Michele W, Courage to Change and Kathy W, Cathie C, Hobbs.

Chairman Daniel called the meeting to order at 12:00 noon with the Serenity Prayer. Susan read the introduction to and the Concepts of Service. All present introduced themselves.


Treasurer – Maureen reported the balance on hand is $3,289.53 plus $49 cash. Checks from Top and Clean Air have not been deposited and reimbursements from Assembly have not been paid. Report was accepted.

Minutes – Carol asked for corrections or additions on the minutes as circulated. Hearing none, the report was accepted.

Answering service – Carol reported continuing difficulty in getting call listing from the answering service and that the call numbers seem to be small but steady. Maureen met a member of the Graditud group who is willing to take calls for Spanish speakers.

Website – Susan reported 103 users since last report. Google My Business had 1,000 hits with 65 clicks to the Al-Anon website. She stated that there had been a designation at WSO “Lone Member Services” that was disbanded in 2018. It is replaced with “electronic and phone meetings”.

Alateen – Maureen reported they had an information table with cards and posters at Round Up but there were few kids attending. The sponsors are deciding if they should reach out to the high school counselors again.


TOP – Carol reported the Monday evening meeting still suspended, Wednesday attendance of 4-8 and Friday Newcomer meeting up to 4 or 5.

JUST FOR TODAY – Winona reported 4 are always in attendance.

HOBBS – Chris said the Wednesday meeting is well attended, Friday somewhat less with a few newcomers. Susan reported the Tuesday Zoom meeting has 3-4 and the Thursday Zoom as several with two from Canada.

COURGE TO CHANGE – Jessica stated all meetings are on Zoom with 12-14 attending on Monday and Thursday. Donna is in charge of the Zoom meetings.

AIS – Daniel reported a new GR for Clean Air – Chuck (no current contact info)


General Assembly – Cathie represented Alateen. She said they met a group from Wichita Falls, doing a lot of work with Alateens and they are interested in visiting Amarillo especially meeting with the Spanish speaking group.

Chris served as the Acting DR, attending the Business Meeting on Nov. 6. He stated 98 attended, 97 Al-Anon GRs and 1 Alateen. The groups voted on agenda items and passed their vote to him. Alateen have one vote for the Coordinator and one for the AAPP who does background checks. A mailing “We Miss Your Face” was mailed out with only 1 return but minimal response. A negative budget passed since all numbers are estimated per budget item history.

There is a request for a Public Outreach project to place one copy of How Al-Anon Works in each public library in District 1. The Spanish Translation app is outdated and needs replacement.

Spring Assembly for Area 54 is May 13-15, 2022in Abilene at the Embassy Elegante.

The All-Texas Alateen Conference is Feb. 18-20, 2022 at the DFW Marriott.

Daniel attended the AWSC (Area World Service Conference), reporting that all business was approved. He said there was a great agenda and every session started and ended on time.

Food Festival – The group agreed to begin planning for the next festival at the January meeting. Maureen will check on district events.

District Representative Vote – This position has not been filled for the past three years. All terms are three years. Maureen nominated Chris C (Hobbs) to serve as the DR. Chris accepted the nomination and was unanimously elected. His term will last two more years to end with the other officers who were elected Sept. 2020.

The District Meeting will be an agenda item on the AIS agenda.


Cenikor meeting – Wynona told the group that Cenikor has requested a 2:00 PM Saturday meeting with patients and families. This will be informational only and Just For Today has a meeting room and a file cabinet containing literature that can be sold. She asked each group to take one Saturday a month. The groups who decide to participate are asked to call Wynona at 806-467-9262 to schedule their time.

Next AIS Meeting – January 15, 2022, noon, Hobbs Plaza. The meeting will last a minimum of two hours.

Meeting adjourned at 1:45 PM.


Carol A, Secretary


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