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AIS January 14, 2023 Meeting Minutes

Noon Top of Texas

ATTENDING: Daniel P, AIS Chair and Hobbs; Maureen H, Hobbs; Cathie C, Hobbs; Wynona H, Just for Today; Lisa E, Clean Air; Ann S, Top and D1 Treasurer; Dede R, Top; Carol A, Top and Secretary.

Daniel opened the meeting at noon with introductions and reading of the Twelve Concepts of Service.


Treasurer – Maureen reported balance of $2,553.73. The raffle raised $1310 plus a $240 donation. Maureen won the fire pit.

Minutes – April 23, 2022 minutes were approved as circulated.

District Treasurer - Ann S reported a balance of $340.37 with no activity. The only outstanding expense is for Chris C bills from General Assembly.

Answering Service – Carol A reported there is an average of 20 calls per month. Clean Air reported three newcomers from the answering service calls.

Website – Susan P- Google My Business for the last 90 days: 332 visitors – 241 unique with 209 new and 32 prior visitors. The average visit is 5 minutes and 48 seconds which is excellent. 72% of the clicks are from a cell phone. The most researched day is Friday and the least Thursday. Most viewers use Google. 14 navigated from Facebook to Google – up 180%.

Alateen – Maureen reported that Alateen is struggling and is trying to start up again. She reminded everyone taking calls to call her the name and number to return on Alateen inquiries. There are four full time sponsors and two substitutes. All sponsors must recertify annually starting 2023. They have contacted all the counselors in AISD with information on Alateen.

Group Reports:

Hobbs – Zoom has poor attendance on Tuesday. The Wednesday face to face has on average 7 and Friday has 8.

Clean Air – Saturday 10:30 has 20-25 in attendance. The 5:30 meeting has 8-12, Sunday around 15 and noon 6-8 people.

Top – Wednesday meeting averages 6-10 and the Friday meeting 2-5.

Just for Today – usually 4 people, sometimes 5.


General Assembly – four members attended. Christ C submitted a written report since he was not present (copy attached). Some main items were the Thought Force report – How Al-Anon Works in Spanish and English will be placed in every public library in Area 54.

Permanent electronic meetings may now be allowed.

One delegate to WSC will be fully funded.

Assembly registration fee increases to $30.

Cenikor – Wynona reported that Saturday remains the family visitation day. Cenikor now wants Al-Anon presentations on the 2nd and 4th Saturday, allowing 30 minutes total to be split with Narnanon. She requested this become a function of AIS as public outreach. Following discussion all agreed to table this item pending discussions with home groups and AIS considering spreadsheet and email administration as well as appointing an Outreach chair.

Two points were agreed upon – Cenikor needs to train their staff on the purpose of Al-Anon and they need to return the format to one hour in length.


District Business – To encourage attendance at Spring Assembly, it was suggested AIS offer to pay the $30 registration fee if requested.

Meetings – the group decided to meet in April and October before spring and fall assembly.

Next meeting is April 15 at Clean Air at noon.


Carol A, Secretary


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