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Al-Anon Information Service

Each GROUP is responsible to have an Alternate Group Representative (AGR) OR a Group Representative (GR) attend each meeting…


Saturday November 18, 2017 at 1:00 pm

At Clean Air --- 2906 Duniven Circle

What is A.I.S.?

  • Telephone Answering Service

  • Maintains Website

  • Updates Meeting

  • Works with District Representative

  • AGR’s / DR’s report on group activity

  • Reports back to Groups from assembly

  • Fundraisers / events

Come see if you would be interested in Service work. Keep Al-Anon alive!

* AGR / GR, please make sure we have current information on you and your group. (Please delegate someone from your group to attend, this is part of being “Responsible” for Carrying the 12th Step message)

Who is your GROUP or ALT GROUP Representative?


3 Legacies of Al-Anon “Unity – Recovery – Service”

Thank you,

AIS Amarillo District 1


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