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AIS/District Meeting Minutes from July 14

District 1 & AIS MEETING

July 14, 2018 - Saturday

12:00 PM


There were 11 people present for both meetings.

District 1 Meeting

  • Carol A. called the meeting to order at 12:00 pm, then opened the meeting with the Serenity Prayer.

  • Carol A. also took roll.

  • Ann R. gave the District 1 Treasurer’s Report.

  • Kyll H. gave both the Spring 2018 & Summer 2018 District 1 - Texas West Reports [Note: Both reports were written by Kathy W.]

  • New District 1 Representative is Kyll H.

  • His term is effective immediately and will end September 2020.

  • Terms of other District 1 officers will expire September 2019.

  • Announcement: West Texas Assembly will be in Abilene Nov. 2nd – 4th

AIS Meeting

  • Lori opened the meeting.

  • Suzanne T. read the April 2018 meeting minutes.

  • Kyll H. made a motion to approve minutes.

  • Carol A. seconded the motion. (Motion Passed)

  • Maureen H. presented the Treasurer’s Report:

  • March 31, 2018 Balance: $2,989.21


Group Donations $ 406.00


Answering Service Expenses $ 281.44

Michele W. – Laminating $ 19.46

Marilyn L. – Assembly $ 150.00

Kathy W. – Literature $ 232.00

US Post Office Box $ 82.00

Dex-Yellow Pages Ad $ 125.14

  • July 11, 2018 Balance: $2,505.17

  • Carol A. made a motion to approve the treasurer’s report.

  • Ann R. seconded the motion. (Motion Passed)

  • Maureen H. also provided reports for:

  • Yearly Financial Responsibilities for AIS 2017/18

  • 2018 Food Festival Summary

  • Literature Expenses

  • Proposal: A proposed 2019 AIS Budget will be presented at the October 2018 meeting, which could then be presented to the groups. This would give the groups the opportunity to see how AIS monies are spent. It would also allow groups to see how important the “Food Festival” fundraiser is to AIS.

  • 2019 Fundraiser: Will the Hobbs Group continue to host the AIS fundraiser as it has done in the past? Groups will be asked if any other group is interested in hosting. Final decision will be made at October 2018 meeting.

  • Yellow Pages Ad: Final decision regarding its 2019 funding will be decided at October 2018 meeting.

  • ARAD:

  • Lori reported the 2:00pm Saturday meeting will not work anymore, since ARAD has established a new “family time” from 1:00 to 4:00pm.

  • It was agreed the Saturday 2:00pm meeting will be suspended until ARAD has the client census to make this Al-Anon meeting worthwhile.

  • The Wednesday 2:00pm meeting at ARAD will be continued.

  • All groups need an up-dated service manual. The cost is $6.50.

  • Outreach Position:

  • No one currently serving in this position.

  • Lori proposed to have someone fill this position.

  • Cross Talk: Shaking one’s head is not cross talk.

  • Susan P. gave the “Website” report for “Alanon/Alateen of the Texas Panhandle”

  • 504 people found the website on Google

  • 45 people visited the website

  • 3 people called

  • 1 person asked for directions

  • District 1 & AIS decided to hold joint meetings. Meetings will be held the 3rd Saturday at noon during the following months:

  • October 2018 @ Hobbs

  • January 2019 @ Clean Air

  • April 2019@ Hobbs

  • July 2019 @ Clean Air

  • October 2019@ Hobbs

Adjourned with Lord’s Prayer.


Suzanne T.

AIS Secretary


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