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AIS/District Meeting - October 16, 2023

Noon Hobbs Plaza


ATTENDING: Daniel P, AIS Liaison and Hobbs; Chris C, District Rep and Hobbs; Carol A, Secretary and Top of Texas. Also Norma M- Tri-City Borger, Jessica D-Courage to Change, Vicky C-Clean Air, Suzi T-Clean Air, Sheria E – Top, Della F – Courage, Susan P – Website & Hobbs, Maureen H – Treasurer, Alateen & Hobbs, Cathie C – Hobbs, DeDe R – Top, Kelly C, Lisa E, Ann R – Top.


Daniel opened the meeting at 12:04, welcoming everyone, reading of No. 10 of the Twelve Concepts and the Serenity Prayer. Everyone introduced themselves.


 Minutes – approved as circulated


Treasurer – Maureen reported an opening balance of $2205.94, donations of $550.00, expenses for answering service $240.42 for an ending balance of $2,115.52. She stated we need a fundraiser soon.


District Treasurer – Ann reported a balance of $490.87 and no activity.

District Rep – Chris has visited Cenikor, Clean Air and Top of Texas groups.


Website – Susan reported 150 hits on average per month on our Google listing, 322 September searches resulting in 41 clicks to the website and 10 phone calls. The website renews in 2025.


Answering Service – Carol said numbers stay the same averaging around 15 per month that we answer with June having 28 which is above average. Clean Air and Hobbs says they are having newcomers from the service.


Alateen – Maureen stated there are only two teens attending and she would like all the groups to announce their meeting time in their group meetings. There are four fully committed adult sponsors. She handed out flyers and business cards to post and pass out. Faith will attend Assembly.


Cenikor – Jessica said they need volunteers for the winter cycle of Saturday information visits with the families. They hold these the 2nd and 4th Saturday at 2:00 and last 30 minutes which time is shared with Naranon. She briefly discussed setting up a Group Me for the volunteers.


Round Up – Maureen reported they began the planning this year with $176 and ended with a net of $13,250. The expenses for Round Up were around $12,000. Everyone liked the food trucks. They are working on a website and have booked the Botanical Gardens for next year for the last weekend in September. Recordings of the Al-Anon speakers are available.



Borger Tri City is active again with 4 attending. They meet Tuesday at 7:00pm


Clean Air Lisa is the Group Rep. They have meetings M-F noon and 5:30 with 20 attending, Saturday at 10:30 and Sunday at 10:00 AM. They are sending two to Assembly. They are on the Outreach Committee and working on getting “How Al-Anon Works” in Spanish and English into the area libraries.


Courage to Change Jessica is the GR. They have a Zoom meeting with 4-5 attending the 10:00 Friday morning meeting and 10-14 on the 8:00 PM Monday and Thursday meeting. Della will attend Assembly.


Hobbs Chris reported the Tuesday evening Zoom may close. There are 8-10 attending the 7:00 PM meeting on Wednesday and the 8:00 meeting on Friday.


Top of Texas Ann reported 2-4 at the 8:00 PM on Friday and 10-12 at the 10:00 AM meeting.






Area 54 Fall Assembly: AIS has offered to help groups send a representative to Assembly. Jessica from Courage to Change requested $100 to help send their representative. After reviewing the April 2023 minutes, the group agreed to advance $100 to the group.


District 1 and 2 will host the Spring Assembly in Abilene May 2024. Host duties are shared with Lubbock and will require volunteers to man the reception/registration desk and the hospitality room in addition to hosting the open meeting, obtaining speakers and chairs for the workshops. Those attending Fall Assembly will outline duties and volunteer needs by Nov. 15.


Service Positions: as discussed at the April meeting positions up for a new 3-year terms are the AIS Liaison, Secretary and Treasurer. These are currently help by Daniel P,

Carol A and Maureen H.


    The following will serve from October 2023-2026:


                  AIS Liaison – Jessica D, Courage to Change

                  Secretary -Carol A

                  Treasurer – Maureen H


All were elected by acclamation.




The next meeting is April 13, 2024 at Hobbs.


The meeting adjourned with the Lord’s Prayer at 1:45 PM




Carol A, Secretary




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