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AIS Meeting - April 20, 2024

Noon - Hobbs Plaza

ATTENDING: Jessica D, AIS Liason, CTC; Carol Autry, Secretary, Top; Chris C, DR, Hobbs; Norma M, Tri-City; Mary H, CTC and Clean Air; Mary D, Zoom; Chandra C, Clean Air; Vicky C, Clean Air; Della F, CTC.

Jessica opened the meeting at 12:00, welcoming everyone, reading the Twelve Concepts and the Serenity Prayer.

Everyone introduced themselves.


 Minutes – approved as circulated

Treasurer – No report.

Website – No report

Answering Service – Carol said numbers stay the same averaging around 15 per month. Actual number of call reports are unavailable.

Alateen – Still on hold

Cenikor – Jessica said things are going well.


Borger Tri City is active again with 3 attending. They meet Tuesday at 7:00pm. Norma is the GR.

Clean Air - Vicky is the Group Rep. They have meetings M-F noon and 5:30 with 6-20 attending, Saturday at 10:30 and Sunday at 10:00 AM.

Courage to Change - Jessica is the GR. They have a Zoom meeting with 4-5 attending the 10:00 Friday morning meeting and 10-14 on the 8:00 PM Monday and Thursday meetings. Della will attend Assembly. They held a face to face lunch and raised $400 toward assembly.

Hobbs - Chris reported the Tuesday evening Zoom may close. There are 6-10 attending the 7:00 PM meeting on Wednesday and the 8:00 meeting on Friday. Their 48th Anniversary was April 12-14.

Top of Texas – Carol is GR. Friday 1-3, Wednesday 12-15.

Canyon – they are seeing more a<endance. Jessica and Chris will a<end a meeting.



Area 54 Assembly is next weekend in Abilene.

District 1 – Amarillo and District 2 – Lubbock are hosting this time.

All plans were reviewed and all is in order. There are two KBDM’s on the agenda and the group supports both measures.

Service Positions - District Director, Chris C. said his position is up for election at the October 2024 meeting.

Carol Autry nominated Chris to serve another three-year term. All other positions were elected in October 2023-2026. Mary stated Chris is eligible to serve on WSO.

The meeting adjourned with the Lord’s Prayer at 1:00

Next meeting is October 5, 2024, noon, at Hobbs.


Carol A, Secretary


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