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Do you ever wonder what all those acronyms in Al-Anon stand for or what the duties are of our "Reps"? Here is a reference list to help you out.

AIS – Al-Anon Information Services

DR – District Representative – works with the groups, voice of the district at AWSC

WSC – World Service Conference

WSO – World Service Organization

AWSC – Area World Service Conference

AAPP – Alateen Area Processing Person

KBDM - Knowledge Based Decision Making

District Representative – voice of the group in a district at AWSC – represents the Group Reps from each group. Votes at the AWSC conference along with AIS and Alateen Coordinator.

AIS Representative – Connects AWSC with District. Information pipeline to the District; Votes at AWSC on agenda items for the General Assembly.

Alateen Coorinator – Similar to District Rep, but for all Alateens in the district.


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Noon Hobbs Plaza ATTENDING: Daniel P, AIS Chair and Hobbs; Chris C, District Rep and Hobbs; Susan P, Hobbs; Maureen H, Hobbs, Mary, Clean Air. REPORTS: Treasurer – Maureen reported balance of $3,314.